Assert Now, Inc.
Assert Now, Inc.
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    Working today to change tomorrow!


    Assert Now, Inc. exists to empower people through education and awareness to prevent social injustice.  


    We seek to see the world radically transformed by bringing light into dark places through: 

    Training programs designed to educate awareness, equip prevention, and empower restoration from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. 

    Partnerships with single, teen, & endangered moms (S.T.E.M.) to provide support through community connection. 

    Partnerships with local, national, and international organizations with similar missions and visions. 


     ANI (Assert Now Inc.) Homes: 

    Homes to provide support through community living. Empowering them to grow in their relationship with Christ while learning skills to be self-sufficient. Educational pieces include: parenting, identity (confidence & self-worth), communication, personnel safety, nutrition,

    finances, job seeking skills and interviewing processes, as well as basic home and car maintenance.

    Two types of ANI Homes:

    Community living for single parent families.

    Community living for orphans that have aged out of governmental systems and have no support or place to live

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