Meet the Team

Aurora Dubell Newton


Aurora is pursuing a PhD in Psychology. She is a sought out coach, counselor, advocate, and speaker who is passionate about the safety and wellbeing of children, teens, and women. Her vast experiences, education, and testimonies have equipped her to empower others, especially those who are vulnerable and at risk of abuse.

Angela Key Bailey


Angie is a graduate of Brownsville Bible College. She passionately shares the love of Christ with those around her through acts of kindness and unconditional love. She is the founder of the Anchors and Arrows ANI Homes project for aged out orphans and hopes to have our first home soon. 

Scott Newton


Scott is an example of someone who loves to serve and empower others. He is the “jack of all trades” for us. He has been in customer service for years and is an accomplished manager with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Management. He has a unique ability to see solutions to many organizational challenges.

Krissa Dubell


Krissa is an accomplished photographer. She serves as our executive assistant to the president. She is an advocate for justice and freedom for the oppressed. She loves the outdoors and expects to travel around the world to photograph the beauty that exists in creation. Currently she is a first year student at BSSM (Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry)

David Robertson


David is the creator of the Growthpoint Business Framework(TM), a rapid growth method for running and scaling a company which produces freedom and profitability for business owners. David is a highly sought out Kingdom business coach, marketing strategist, and speaker. He currently serves as the CEO for Growthpoint Company, a performance driven marketing and storytelling agency with a mission to transform cultures, cities, and nations for Christ through marketing.  

Matt Holderman


Matt is an entrepreneur who desires to have several businesses. His main goal is to serve and glorify God through all he does. He has served as a worship leader. He sings, plays the guitar and the piano. His heart is to change the world through leading those his age and younger to embrace their identity and purpose. 

Christina McComas


Christina has a degree in education. Her heart is to protect and empower children, teens and women. She brings excitement for learning and ability to engage people of all backgrounds into our training programs. She spent a year in China at an orphanage and someday hopes to adopt children from there.

Nicke Holderman


Nicke has overcome many hardships in her life. Having grown up in a single parent home, she understands the unique trials that one can face in this situation. She is passionate to bring awareness and equip others to navigate those trials empowered. She is also currently a shift supervisor at Starbucks.