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Bright Beginnings School Age Camp absolutely loved the ASSERT Training.  The elementary children and staff found the training to be very educational.  The program was interactive and informative and the students walked away with personal confidence.  The ASSERT program promotes awareness and safety for all age levels along with skills and a vocabulary that keep kids safe.  As an administrator and parent, it was great to hear my school age child using specific phrases and statements from the program, for instance, “Stay Back, Stay Back” and “You are not safe”.  ASSERT has prompted our family to create a safe word to be used in emergency situations and our child is very excited about helping create it. I would definitely recommend the ASSERT program to other child care centers, summer camps and school programs.  We look forward to seeing them next summer at our school!

Bridget Alley

Bright Beginnings Administration

Beavercreek, OH 45434

I had no idea how timely my ASSERT training actually was until I received a notice that there was a shooting at my apartment complex. Although shaken up by the news, my mind immediately started replaying the ASSERT moves, which calmed my nerves. I have always felt safe where I live, but the reality is that I have to be on guard. I walk confidently, knowing I have the skills and voice to protect myself. Although I cannot stop a bullet, I do not have to live in fear.Thank you A.S.S.E.R.T.!

Lauren Marie

I am fortunate to have become familiar with Assert Now, Inc. and its founder Aurora Newton.  Aurora is truly dedicated to the mission of Assert Now, Inc. and is an energetic instructor.  It is clear that a great deal of time and planning has gone into Assert’s presentations both educationally and in engaging the participants.  The program is well-organized and instructional while being age-appropriate and upbeat.  Helping children and adults discover their most valuable weapon, their voice, is a passion that resonates throughout the organization.  I am particularly impressed with the way Aurora and her staff/volunteers tailor their sessions to the needs of the participants; those who attend Assert’s classes leave feeling more aware of their surroundings and with a sense of empowerment to respond to a dangerous situation in a safe, effective way.
Lisa Brown
Church Relations Coordinator, Ohio Area Ministry
Joni and Friends International Disability Center

Aurora Newton thoroughly engages these young ladies during the entire 3 hour workshop. She delivers valuable safety information through games, problem-solving discussions, and physical maneuvers. Her scenarios are based in real-life experiences, so students are prepared for situations they may encounter. Aurora Newton’s passion for the topic combined with her deep commitment and caring for the girls makes her an excellent presenter for young people.
Mary Montgomery
Community Engagement Manager
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Assert Now is a great program with an inspirational leader, Aurora Newton.  Our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group enjoyed her presentation this year about the physical aspects of assertiveness and our Women's Journey group was awed by her insights on the spiritual side of defense against the enemy of our soul.  I highly recommend Assert Now, Inc.
Pam Van Horn
Coordinator of MOPS
Life in Christ Fellowship
West Jefferson, Ohio

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Personal Safety Tips (PST...)

Written Tips


  1. Be ready; have a plan 
  2. Never get into a strange car or be forced into a vehicle even if a weapon is shown 
  3. Know who is at the door before opening it. Insist on seeing an ID from anyone you do not know, even uniformed service providers. Have them show it through a window or the peep hole of the door. You have the right to NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! 
  4. Keep personal belongings in view while eating, talking, or shopping. 
  5. When riding in an elevator, stand by the control board. If you feel in danger, press all the buttons and get off the elevator as soon as possible. 
  6. Park in well-lighted areas and avoid walking in isolated areas. 
  7. Be prepared by running scenarios and escape plans in your mind. 
  8. Save texting for later, be aware of what’s happening around you. 
  9. Before going out, think about how you will get home. 
  10. Avoid alcohol and drugs which cloud your judgement and can make you more vulnerable to assault. 
  11. Walk with others and leave the earbuds/headphones at home.
  12. Use discretions in posting pictures or social media. 
  13. Listen to your intuition; if a person or situation “feels” unsafe, it probably is. 
  14. Posting information about leaving your home for vacation is dangerous. Posting vacation pictures after your return is a better choice. 
  15. Find out about a new date. Talk to others who know or have dated this person. Date with friends before accepting a single date. 
  16. Remove children’s name tags before leaving school/church/etc. 
  17. Be assertive. State what you really want or are feeling. NO MEANS NO. 
  18. Have your keys ready when walking to your car or apartment. 
  19. If a driver stops to ask for directions, avoid getting near the vehicle. 
  20. When dropping someone off, wait until they have safely entered their residence or destination.  
  21. If involved in a minor collision at night or in an isolated area, stay in your vehicle, signal the other driver and move to a nearby lighted, busier area or police station. 

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Ask The A Team - Safety

About The A Team


Ask the A Team began from years of vision and belief that Aurora Newton and Angie Bailey had so much love and light in them that they wanted to share with the world. Part of their personal visions have come together with Assert Now, Inc. visioning forward to birth homes to support those who are vulnerable or at risk.

They know they do not have all the answers. They believe the hope they have through Jesus Christ will bring light and freedom into others. Their greatest desire is to see transformation in people to go from survivors to thrivers!

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